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PEER Report

Are You As Patient-Centric As You Think?

The PEER Report

The Patient Engagement and Equity Report (PEER) was developed by patient service experts with the goal of providing the biopharma industry and PAGs specializing in cancer and rare diseases benchmarking data and qualitative information about their organizations and industry reputation. 

PEER Report | Patient Engagement Consultancy | RedThred Solutions
PEER Report | Patient Engagement Consultancy | RedThred Solutions

In today’s Patient-Centric environment, it is critically important that partnerships between Industry and Patient Communities are built on Knowledge, Understanding, and Insights.

Why it helps


As the needs of the patient community continue to change at an accelerated pace, it is critically important that the partnership between industry and the patient communities is built of a key two-way understanding of the core areas of focus and the key priorities of stakeholders engaged in cancer and rare disease.

Additionally, greater two-way transparent exchange of performance and reputation-related information is the foundation for building more productive collaborations between PAGs and industry.

What it does

Strategic Need

The advocacy-industry partnership is an incredibly important part of the ecology of cancer care in this country.


With their focus on advocacy and service, they can help make it a bit more certain that the care and support we need is there at a time when many need it more than ever.

How it was created


Cheryl Davis

  • President and Founder of Red Thred Solutions

  • 25+ years Industry Leadership

  • 10+ years Patient Advocacy Experience 


Michael Parisi 

  • CEO of Guidemark Health

  • 20+ years 

  • Patient Advocacy Leadership Experience 

Brian Garofalo 

  • President and Founder of Patient Alliances

  • 25+ years 

  • Patient Advocacy Experience 

PEER into perspectives from Patients and Advocates

Learn how your organization’s patient advocacy partnerships are perceived with this customized report, specializing in oncology and rare disease.

  • Get specific benchmarking data and qualitative information about your organization from a patient advocacy perspective

  • Learn about industry reputation from the perspective of patients and advocates

  • Explore unmet needs and gaps in patient care and support

  • Seeing how your organization ranks compared with others in the industry PEER results will give you a comprehensive overview of the advocacy-industry partnership across the industry and within your organization, delivering the firsthand insights you need to create an actionable roadmap to more productive relationships.

PEER Report | Patient Engagement Consultancy | RedThred Solutions
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